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Hello fellow traveler! I’m Lydia, your go-to travel advisor! Driven by my passion for travel, culture, and people, I’ve launched my own travel business and with great joy I welcome you to Viva Travel and Voyage, your one stop shop for a variety of travel experiences!


My own travel journey is what brought me to where I am today. Most of my travel has been immersive, living and socializing with locals. It all began at the age of 5 when my family traveled to Cuernavaca for language immersion school. In my teens I spent a summer in the mountainous region of Panama and attended high school in Salta Argentina for a year through the American Field Service (AFS). My college year abroad led me to Madrid through St. Lawrence University’s international program which gave me the opportunity to master my Spanish and travel all over Spain and Portugal.


Using my formative years and college degree to build a foundation of knowledge and experience as it relates to culture, language, and travel, I moved to San Juan, Puerto Rico to work for the Episcopal Diocese of Puerto Rico. My short-term travels have taken me all over Europe, Mexico, and the Caribbean, to Cuba leading mission groups, to peace conferences in Germany and England, and more. At this point I have visited 30 States, 21 Countries, and counting; so as you can see, I’ve been hooked on travel for as long as I can remember. Travel has changed my life in so many incredible ways as I hope it does for you too!


Combining the travel industry’s top deals with our exclusive perks and savings, I will find the perfect getaway at the best value, personalized for you every step of the way. Take your vacation experience to the next level and book your next vacation with Viva Travel & Voyage, where we live to travel and help you do so! 


I look forward to setting up a free consultation to learn more about you and your travel style and preferences so that we can work together to make your travel dreams come true. 

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